Colorado Rockies Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

Dates Days Age Tuition Course #  
08/09/2017 - 08/23/2017 15 16-20 $3395 CCXX-743

This three week course offers fit highly motivated teens and college aged individuals a chance to experience a challenging mountaineering expedition in the Rocky Mountains with extensive back country rock climbing. This course offers the highest number of days dedicated to rock climbing on any Outward Bound course outside of a semester format, all of which will take place in a back country environment.

Course Description

Upon your arrival you will meet your instructors and begin instruction in expeditionary behavior, self-care and rock climbing. Early in the course, you will learn minimum-impact camping skills, outdoor cooking, basic first-aid, map and compass use, route finding, knot tying and rope handling. You focus on backcountry travel on trails before moving to cross country travel, where the accurate use of maps and compass are paramount. You will backpack through the picturesque alpine environment and traverse high passes and snowfields to reach remote areas in the Colorado backcountry.

Rock climbing and rappelling build skills important for alpine travel and are taught early to prepare you for an ascent of a technical peak. You first become acquainted with gear associated with rock climbing, then quickly move on to building skills, moves and techniques, as well as safety. You could experience a wide variety of climbing, including crack routes, face climbs and bouldering. Also, you will learn how to place gear, build basic anchor systems, belay, and rappel. All in a back country environment!

Building on the outdoor skills you learned early on, you will hike deep into the mountainous wilderness of Colorado, sleeping under tarps at night and carrying all your gear on your back during the day. You will learn about leadership, backcountry navigation, and teamwork. You will need the rock and rope skills to attempt to climb the steep, exposed rock or snow of a technical summit.

Snow travel and snow camping are frequent on June courses and may happen in July, and you may learn snow travel techniques and how to safely use an ice axe to assist your travel. You will study various areas of natural history and the environment as you go, including flora, fauna, geology, astronomy, and ecology.

Course Area

The Rocky Mountains, one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world, stretch 3,000 miles from Alaska to New Mexico. They have provided the inspiration for legends and have had a profound influence on the development of the continental United States. It is in and around these majestic mountains that your Colorado Outward Bound School course will take place.

Course Documents

Click below to download a sample itinerary or a list of clothing required for the course.

CCXX 2017- Itinerary and Travel

CCXX.752_761- Itinerary and Travel

CCXX 2017- Clothing and Gear List

COBS 2017- Boots