Custom Programs

Custom Programs

There’s no greater way to build a new team or strengthen and inspire an existing one than to take the group out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s a single day filled with basecamp activities or a multi-day, multi-element course, our custom-built programs pull teams together with activities and adventures that challenge participants physically and mentally. Our facilitators and coaches take participants through a series of challenges followed by debriefs that ask tough questions and produce memorable results.

Started in 1962 in Marble, Colorado, COBS has pioneered the experiential education movement in the U.S. for more than 50 years. For the last 30+ years, we’ve taken that expertise to our corporate and organizational partners to provide a truly unique form of professional development: a group experience that develops the values at the core of business – leadership, self-reliance, accountability, and the ability to transcend self-imposed limits. Whether you’re a new team, transitioning leadership, or a seasoned C-suite, we bring practical business tools to a unique setting and deliver top quality facilitation and coaching.

The result? Transformation of individuals and teams, yielding stronger leaders and greater efficiencies for the organization.

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“The annual COBS course serves as the capstone of an intensive three-week orientation and team building process focused on integrating new Fellows to the El Pomar team. Spending a week in the backcountry together expedites the team building process, as the concepts of goal setting, creating a shared vision, encouragement, conflict management, communication, trust, and vulnerability are all introduced and addressed in a safe environment. It is an incredibly rewarding experience that never fails to provide valuable personal insights and growth, while strengthening the rapport among co-workers.”

– Gary Butterworth, Senior VP, El Pomar Foundation

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