Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Our 45+ years of experience in organizational training have made us leaders in the training and teambuilding industry. Our customized programs provide organizations with the ability to develop a continuing, focused training for improvement to their teams, products and services. Outward Bound’s values – leadership, self-reliance, a concern for others and the ability to transcend self-imposed limits – are more important today than ever. We pride ourselves on:
• Building teams faster and more effectively than anyone else
• Improving alignment with organizational mission, vision and values
• Developing highly effective leaders
• Reducing process inefficiencies
• Enhancing internal and external strategic relationships
• Inspiring participants to achieve the seemingly impossible
We work with all of our groups to customize a course experience that best supports their unique outcomes. These custom clients range from C-suite executive groups to educational groups. COBS has the facilitation and professional coaching resources to support organizations who require a deeper level of introspection and customization to solve organization challenges or take their teams to the next level.

What We Do
Team Building – Build successful teams that demonstrate more effective problem-solving and decision-making skills by enhancing communication and creativity, resolving conflict, exploring leadership styles, integrating new members and building trust.
Leadership Development – Put the skills necessary to be a highly successful leader into action by building on strengths and confronting complex situations. Our programs enhance strategic thinking and decision making skills, chart the individual leadership journey, and increase competency in key areas such as resource allocation, project management and the importance of empowering others.
Cultural & Strategic Change – Establish clear direction in the face of change by creating a shared vision, mission, and values. Build a shared culture, jump start relationships, manage transitions, integrate new structures, and expand the sense of what is possible.
Coaching (Leadership and Team) – Focusing on building skills and awareness around inquiry vs. advocacy and on coaching skills development such as learning the keys to organizational effectiveness, understanding how we come to the conclusions we do, base-lining of individual, team, organizational behaviors, and how to manage conflict.
Consulting Services – Intact teams, offices, or organizations in need of assistance understanding human systems patterns and processes including: clarifying goals, roles, process, and relationships, advising on appropriate methodologies, adapting to learning styles, etc.
Training Seminars – Develop new hires to senior managers and integrate organizational culture, values, and expectations by increasing levels of competency in key areas such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Influencing skills, etc.
Meeting Facilitation – Enhance results of meetings, conferences, or retreats – highly trained facilitators guide the process – practice meeting management skills, delivering presentations, and action planning.
Assessment Tools – Administered prior to the program, our facilitators present and explain how to interpret results, and how to generate individual action plans. We utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, Social Styles Inventory, Emergenetics, etc., as well as our proprietary instrument – the Team Alignment Profile (TAP).

Types of Programs
Insight Seminars/Conferences
½ day to two days in length, seminars may be offered as stand-alone programs or, for more-in-depth learning, as a series. They can also serve as a complement to a company retreat. Insight seminars can occur virtually anywhere, at any time of the year.
Center-Based / Retreats
One to five days in length, these programs take place at established conference centers or OB base sites and feature team initiatives, training seminars, and other high adventure elements such as ropes courses, climbing, orienteering and whitewater rafting.
These programs tend to be mobile in format and range in length from three to seven days. Team initiatives and rock climbing or a ropes course are often incorporated into a backpacking, rafting or canyoneering expedition, providing time to build personal and professional relationships and address workplace issues.

Our Approach
Our customized approach is carefully designed to meet your goals as effectively as possible.
Our basic goal is to increase your team’s effectiveness at its normal work in its actual work environment. For each program, we generally follow a four-phased approach to help our clients succeed:
Phase I – Assessment
Phase II – Design
Phase III – Delivery
Phase IV – Follow-up

Our Clients (partial list)
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Johns Hopkins University
Lockheed Martin
The Boeing Company
Kellogg School of Management
Boston Consulting Group
El Pomar Foundation
Denver Community Leadership Forum
Entrepreneurs Organization
Stanford University School of Business
Kellogg School of Management
Nestle Waters
ALF Hartford
ALPS, Inc.
Vail Resorts
Specialty Sports Ventures
Walton Family Foundation
Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
Rice University-Center for Engineering Leadership
Craig Hospital
No Barriers Warriors
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