In the transition from the front lines to management, the need for hands-on, tactical skills gives way to softer skills like communication, leadership, and the ability to inspire and mobilize your division toward achieving organizational goals. Making that transition requires becoming familiar with your individual leadership style, and we support that discovery through a combination of activities and assessment tools.

Our coaches/consultants take participants through a series of challenges, followed by debriefs that ask tough questions, and produce memorable – and actionable – results.

After course, participants better understand their individual leadership style, and what it takes to contribute and make a difference as part of the organization.

“As our company and our need for effective leadership grows, Vail Resorts’ partnership with COBS has been critical. Working with them has allowed our High Performance Leadership Programs to take on a whole new level of challenge and insight.”

– Luiz Benitez, Senior Manager of Talent Management, Vail Resorts


3 Day Basecamp Program 5 Day Backcountry Program
Day 1: Introductions, icebreakers to foster an open environment; low ropes course and initiatives; dinner; goal setting and discussion topics
Day 2: Rock climbing; campfire after dinner; discussion of transference of experience to home and work
Day 3: High ropes or orienteering challenge; lunch; final group challenge activity; closing ceremony and celebration
Day 1: Introductions and icebreakers; hike into backcountry, camp set up, basic camp craft; debrief
Day 2: Hike farther into backcountry, learning basics of backcountry travel and exercising teamwork
Day 3: Arrival at base camp for peak attempt; debrief; safety briefing
Day 4: Peak attempt; solo reflection time
Day 5: Debrief, closing ceremony and celebration; discussion of transference to work and home

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For information and availability, contact Sue Nikolai: snikolai@cobs.org / 970-328-0632