New Teams

New Teams

Whether you’re welcoming new team members or constructing new departments or working groups, connecting with colleagues is key to understanding and adopting the core values of the organization and opening lines of communication for future collaboration.

We offer single-day programs filled with basecamp activities or multi-day, multi-element courses that level the playing field with activities and adventures that challenge participants physically and mentally. Our facilitators take participants through a series of challenges followed by debriefs that ask tough questions and produce memorable results.

Taking lessons from the field to the office, your team members will have a shared experience to draw from. Participants better understand their role in a values-driven company, with a peer network forged by pushing their limits together.

“Perhaps most importantly, COBS provided an opportunity for the company to invest in ‘growing’ each team member; adding value by creating loyalty, team cohesion and staff retention.”

– Remy Spreeuw, Editor, 5280 Magazine


5 Day Basecamp Program 7 Day River Program
Day 1: Introductions, icebreakers, low ropes course and other active initiatives
Day 2: Rock climbing, campfire after dinner, discussion of transference of learnings back to home and work
Day 3: Backcountry expedition hike, group prep for peak climb
Day 4: Peak attempt, solo reflection time
Day 5: Return to basecamp for final celebration and debrief
Day 1: Introductions, icebreakers, basic camp craft
Day 2: Safety briefing, gear packing, river boat launch
Day 3-6: Activities (rafting, side-hikes) and challenges (navigation, campcraft) focused on building team strength with debrieds to esnure learnings are transferable
Day 7: Arrival at take-out, closing ceremony, discussion of transference of experience to work and home

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For information and availability, contact Sue Nikolai: / 970-328-0632