Gap Year / Semester Courses

Gap Year / Semester Courses

From 30 days to 85 days — from mountaineering to canyoneering, summiting huge peaks to paddling the wild rivers of the desert southwest — Colorado Outward Bound School courses offer opportunities for you to develop real-world decision making, group management and leadership skills in spectacular settings that will change and inspire you.


Students benefit from working with rigorously trained and motivated instructors who are specialists in their chosen field. Students participate in a progression of experiences that begins with skill building and advances to increasingly complex decision making and, ultimately, real leadership.


Students emerge from Colorado Outward Bound School courses with leadership skills, an improved ability to solve problems, to resolve conflicts effectively, to communicate confidently and with a desire to actively engage in service to others.


Check out our Gap Year and Semester opportunities:


Rockies to Ecuador International Leadership Semester

Pathfinder Leadership Expedition

Canyonlands Leadership Semester

Instructor Development Course: Rockies to Alaska