Traveling to Outward Bound

1:30 PM Mountain Time
Denver International Airport (DIA) Baggage Claim –18 Jeppesen (Main) Terminal, Level 5

Course Start:

A Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS) representative will be available at Baggage Claim 18 on baggage claim Level 5, from approximately 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM to meet students. We cannot accommodate picking up or dropping off students from other locations.

COBS representatives will be wearing clothing with the COBS logo and will have a table with a COBS banner. They will ensure everyone has arrived and will be available to answer any last-minute questions. Participants not fully confirmed by their Course Advisor will not be allowed in the van.

Please be ready to go, having eaten and made any necessary phone calls before 1:30 PM. Please send your student with cash or a credit card to use for purchasing food/snacks on travel days. Expect to be in the van for multiple hours. Again, please DO NOT MISS THE VAN. It is extremely difficult to get late participants to the course start. If your flight has been delayed call 720.381.6589 immediately.

Traveling Home

Course End:

Your course will end and the van will transport participants back to Denver International Airport (DIA). You should arrive back to Denver International Airport at approximately 10:00 AM. Outward Bound staff will be available in the airport to assist students until 4:00 PM. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to make a flight departing before 12:30 PM.

For those who are being picked up at DIA, participants can be picked up at Baggage Claim 18 between 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM. This is the only location students can be picked up from.

Important Information

If you encounter problems with your travel plans that will delay your arrival to Denver, we can help troubleshoot solutions so that you can get to your course start. During office hours, call your course advisor for assistance. After hours, call our 24-hour voice mailbox at 720.381.6589 and follow the prompts for a travel delay on a Colorado program. The mail boxes are checked regularly and you will receive a call back as indicated by the outgoing message. In the event of an emergency (such as a death in the family) where you need to reach a student who is on course call 720.381.6589 and follow the prompts for critical emergency for a student currently on a course. This will route to an on-call cell phone and you will get a prompt return call as indicated by the message.


If your student is 14 years old or younger, some airlines require you to purchase an unaccompanied minor ticket. This will cost an additional $200-$300 fee. This ticket will provide an authorized airline employee to supervise your student during the flight. Upon arrival, students will be picked up, and later dropped off, at the gate by a COBS employee chaperone. Parents of older students may also opt into this service.

When booking the ticket, please provide the airline with parent/guardian contact information as a placeholder for the chaperone. Within one week of course start, your Course Advisor will email you the name and contact information of the COBS employee chaperone. At that time, you can update your airline.

We cannot ensure this support without advance notice. We want to help make course start and course end travel as seamless as possible for students and families. Please inform us if your child is designated as an unaccompanied minor. Please note that our staff may need to pick up multiple students on the same day and may not be at the gate at the exact arrival time. Please allow at least 20 minutes after arrival for staff to arrive at the gate.

For more information on travel to course start please read “Attending Outward Bound”.



If you need to arrive in Denver the day before course start or stay a day after the end of course we recommend that you book at the DoubleTree-Denver Central Park at 4040 Quebec St. This hotel offers a discounted rate for a single room to COBS participants. Before booking please reach out to your course advisor and they will provide you with a link that will allow you to access the discounted rates. 


From Denver International Airport (DIA)

Airport Train and Shuttle Service

  • You will need cash or credit/debit card for the RTD train each way.
  • Follow the signs directing you to the Transit Center. The Denver Airport Station is located beneath the Westin Hotel. The train leaves every 15-30 minutes with the last train leaving the airport just after 1:00 a.m. You can board the train at the Denver Airport Station which is located beneath the Westin Hotel.
  • Take the train to Central Park Station. Once you have departed DIA on the train call the hotel directly (303-321-6666) to request a shuttle pick-up. The shuttle picks up guests at Central Park Station shuttle pick up area A1.

For more information on the train service from DIA visit:


  • All standard taxi/ride services are also available from DIA to the hotel and cost between $20 and $50 one way.

Driving Directions 

  • From I-70 Eastbound, take the Quebec Exit 278, turn right (south) onto Quebec.  The DoubleTree- Denver Central Park is a block down on the left-hand side of the road.  If you want more specific directions from your location, please call the hotel.