Traveling to Outward Bound

Meeting Place:

Walker Field Airport (GJT)
Upstairs Near Vending Machines
Grand Junction, CO

Please meet your COBS instructor and group at the airport no later than 1:00 PM on the first day of the course. It is a small airport, and we will do a roll call to ensure all participants are located. Parents will be notified only if a student does not arrive as expected. If you are dropping your child off in person, please arrive at the airport between 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM.

Traveling Home

The van is scheduled to arrive at the Walker Field/Grand Junction Airport (GJT) by 11:00 AM. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to make a flight before 12:00 PM, so plan your itinerary accordingly.

Important Information


Airfare, related travel costs, and non-refundable tuition payments are expensive. Insurance to protect your trip and course is not required but strongly encouraged. We recommend insuring these costs from the third-party provider InsureMyTrip. This program has coverage options that include your travel costs and the non-refundable tuition costs. For more information and to receive a free quote, click here.

If you encounter problems with your travel plans that will delay your arrival to Grand Junction, we can help troubleshoot solutions to get you to course start. Call us at 720.381.6589 and press option #2 (emergencies) and continue to follow the directions for a travel emergency on a Utah course. Make certain to leave your name, course, and call-back number if you are leaving a voicemail. In the event of an emergency (such as a death in the family) where you need to reach a student who is on course, follow the prompts for critical emergency for a student currently on a course. This will route to an on-call cell phone and you will get a prompt return call as indicated by the message.


If your student is 14 years old or younger, some airlines require you to purchase an unaccompanied minor ticket. This will cost an additional $200-$300 fee. This ticket will provide an authorized airline employee to supervise your student during the flight. Upon arrival, students will be picked up, and later dropped off, at the gate by a COBS employee chaperone. Parents of older students may also opt into this service.

When booking the ticket, please provide the airline with parent/guardian contact information as a placeholder for the chaperone. Within one week of course start, your Course Advisor will email you the name and contact information of the COBS employee chaperone. At that time, you can update your airline.

We cannot ensure this support without advance notice. We want to help make course start and course end travel as seamless as possible for students and families. Please inform us if your child is designated as an unaccompanied minor. Please note that our staff may need to pick up multiple students on the same day and may not be at the gate at the exact arrival time. Please allow at least 20 minutes after arrival for staff to arrive at the gate.

For more information on travel to course start please read “Attending Outward Bound”.


If you need to arrive in Grand Junction the day before the course start and/or spend the last night in Grand Junction, we recommend you contact the CLARION INN to make reservations.

Clarion Inn
755 Horizon Dr.
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Direct: (970) 243-6790

By calling the Clarion Inn directly, you can obtain a discounted rate for Outward Bound students - you must identify yourself as one when making reservations. The hotel also offers the following: free shuttle to/from airport, indoor pool, hot tub, exercise room, restaurant, and in-room movies. Please make reservations 45 days in advance or ASAP.