Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Working for COBS is so much more than just a job. We are in the business of changing lives – those of our students and of our staff. Whether joining for a few seasons or continuing on as a “lifer”, your experiences with COBS will impact the rest of your life – both professionally and personally. We are always on the lookout for mission-driven professionals who are excited to bring their unique experiences and skills to our team. In exchange, we provide the incredible growth opportunity that comes with living and working in a community of amazing people unafraid to shine, as well as offer elite training and professional development.

Field Positions
On an annual basis COBS hires field staff, the folks who are on the ground working directly with our students. The three primary field positions open to new applicants include Assistant Instructors, Logistics Coordinators, and Interns. To read more about seasonal field-based work opportunities, read on here.

Administrative Positions
As our students are supported by field staff on course, our field staff are supported by our administrative team. These professionals are driven by our mission and invested in making it happen from behind the scenes. Each of our base camps in Leadville and Moab have their own program-specific administrative teams who oversee hiring, training, scheduling and supervising staff; managing equipment and logistics; safety and policy development; program development; and so much more. The Denver office houses the business operations such as Development, Marketing, Finance, and Student Services. To view seasonal, long contract, and permanent openings on our administrative team, read on here.


Please do not call us regarding employment.

photo by Skye Pauly