Field Positions

Field Positions

COBS builds up our staffing pool on an annual basis by recruiting new people into Assistant Instructor, Logistics Coordinator, Intern or Culinary Coordinator positions. The hiring process starts in December when we begin accepting applications for the next summer season. Trainings occur in May at the respective base camps and out in the field. We contract staff to work courses throughout the season according to interest, skill, and availability.

Assistant Instructors are individuals with previous wilderness leadership experience. Individuals applying to the Rocky Mountain Program based in Leadville, Colorado, hold expertise in alpine pursuits such as backpacking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. In our Southwest Program based in Moab, Utah, we are looking for outdoor leaders with extensive river guiding or canyoneering backgrounds. Read more here.

Our Intern Program is available for aspiring Instructors looking to gain more technical, interpersonal, risk management and educational skills while supporting our courses. Read more here.

Logistics Coordinators are the ones who make our courses possible. These heroes pack gear and food, and get people and stuff from point A to B. Read more here.

Marketing Interns bridge the gap between the field and the world at large. These folks are comfortable getting into and out of the wilderness, snapping photos and collecting stories, and then sitting down at the computer to share the magic with families and our community. All positions filled for the 2017 season, please check back in January 2018 for openings.

Culinary Interns know that outdoorsy people make the most appreciative diners! Our beloved cooks live on base for the season and keep roving field staff happy and fed when they are in between courses. Now hiring for the 2017 season: Southwest Program Culinary Intern

Head Logistic Coordinators and Warehouse Managers keep stock of our equipment and food. In addition to inventory and ordering, they also oversee existing systems and develop new ones to ensure equipment is used, cleaned, repaired, and organized properly in a way that is efficient and practicable for LCs and Instructors. Typically Warehouse Managers are already familiar with the needs of staff and courses through previous experience within that program.

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photo by Ren Ledford