The Colorado Outward Bound Schools’ Internship Program is designed to provide current and aspiring outdoor leaders with a greater understanding of the Outward Bound philosophy and operations, while developing technical, interpersonal, risk management, and educational skills. Interns support all aspects of the Rocky Mountain Program in Leadville, CO, or Southwest Program in Moab, UT, contributing to logistics and program delivery as a part of the instructional team.

The internship begins in May with a 14-day training, including a 5-day group expedition in one of our Colorado course areas. During the field based portion, Interns get a personal Outward Bound experience living and travelling through the wilderness with their peers. Becoming familiar with all aspects of the intern role, supporting field and logistical operations of the program, as well as getting to know the ins and outs of base camp living and the logistical department will round-out the training experience.

Interns have two distinctly different roles throughout the summer. In the Field Intern role, individuals will be in the field as part of the instructional team. They will support all aspects of course including backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, ropes courses, solo, service components (in the RMP) or rafting, canyoneering, backpacking, and service components (in the SWP). While in the Support Intern role, interns will help with food planning and packing, resupply, pack out, de-issue, driving, gear care and maintenance, and general base camp upkeep.

Each intern will be offered 15 days as a Field Intern on a course that fits their abilities. The remainder of the season, they will serve in the Support Intern role and a vital member of the base camp community. Additional training and skills development days occur intermittently to support professional development. Compensation includes room, board, and a stipend of $450 per month for the season. Interns also receive access to mentorship from experienced staff and pro deal benefits.

After the three-month internship, logistics or instructional work may be available. Many current instructional staff started their Colorado Outward Bound careers in an intern program. Work offers will be made based on job performance during the internship, previous experience, and current staffing needs.

Preferred Criteria
•    Minimum 21 years of age
•    Clean driving record
•    Strong organizational skills
•    Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified

Application Process

The Colorado Outward Bound School screens and selects new applicants yearly, beginning in December. We are usually fully staffed by February, so getting your application submitted early in the hiring season is strongly recommended.

We will only accept applications for open positions.

The interview process will normally begin in late January. You will find the documents needed to proceed with your application process below. All documents should be submitted via the online application. The application process is time consuming, so we have attached the required documents so you can see what we will be requiring when the hiring process opens.

You should be able to upload these documents to your online application. If you are unable to do so, you can send your documents to and we will upload them for you.

Please do not call us regarding employment.

Ready to Apply?

Step One

Download and fill out the following documents:


Reference Form

Technical Experience Log

Step Two

Then complete your Online Application here and upload your documents.

Rocky Mountain Program Intern – position filled for 2017, please check back in January 2018 for openings

Southwest Program Intern – position filled for 2017, please check back in January 2018 for openings

The Colorado Outward Bound School is committed to equal employment opportunities for all, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex or sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability.

photo by Tony Beyer