Support & Logistics Coordinators

Support & Logistics Coordinators

Colorado Outward Bound courses require behind the scenes support to ensure that our students have the best experience possible. Logistical Staff fill multiple roles at COBS and work out of the Leadville or Moab areas. This is an excellent way to work for Outward Bound, enjoy our amazing community and work we do.


Logistic Coordinators are non-field based paid positions responsible for organizing and executing the behind-the-scenes needs that support students and staff in the field. For an inside look at what it’s like to be an LC, read this guest post from our SWP LC, Lauren.

The primary responsibilities of a Logistic Coordinator are to help plan and execute courses, pack gear and food, and additionally transport staff, students and course materials in and out of the field. Secondary responsibilities include but are not limited to: care and repair of equipment, and general warehouse/base camp support. Experience teaching and participating in outdoor adventure activities is preferred. Room and board included and pay begins at the rate of $63/ day.

Preferred Criteria

•    Must be 21 year of age or older
•    Must have a clean driving record
•    Must be well organized
•    Must be willing to work on a team
•    Basic First Aid and CPR

Driving Skills

As a Logistic Coordinator you will be required to drive in some capacity. Therefore, familiarly with driving large vehicles (our trucks are F350s) and 15 passenger vans is preferred. Logistic Coordinators in the Southwest Program (Moab) also spend much of their time driving with trailers, so trailer experience is also a bonus. If you do not have this experience you will be trained during our New Logistic Coordinator training in the spring. Finally, many of our vehicles are manual shift, and some experience with this type of driving is preferred.

Organization Skills

A major role of the Logistic Coordinator is to issue and deissue gear for a given course. This often means organizing food and gear for up to 20 people. Strong organizational skills and systems are a must for this position.

Application Process

The Colorado Outward Bound School screens and selects new applicants yearly, beginning in December. We are usually fully staffed by February, so getting your application submitted early in the hiring season is strongly recommended.

We will only accept applications for open positions.

The interview process will normally begin in late January. You will find the documents needed to proceed with your application process below. All documents should be submitted via the online application. The application process is time consuming, so we have attached the required documents so you can see what we will be requiring when the hiring process opens.

You should be able to upload these documents to your online application. If you are unable to do so, you can send your documents to and we will upload them for you.

Please do not call us regarding employment.

Ready to Apply?

Step One

Download and fill out the following documents:



Step Two

Then complete your Application and submit your documents by following the instructions below:

Logistics Coordinator (Southwest Program) – position filled for 2017, please check back in January 2018 for openings

Logistics Coordinator (Rocky Mountain Program) – position filled for 2017, please check back in January 2018 for openings

 The Colorado Outward Bound School is committed to equal employment opportunities for all, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex or sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability.

photo by Griff Jones