New Teams


Perhaps most importantly, COBS provided an opportunity for the company to invest in ‘growing’ each team member; adding value by creating loyalty, team cohesion and staff retention.

~ Remy Spreeuw, Editor, 5280 Magazine
5 Day Basecamp Program

Day 1: Introductions, icebreakers, low ropes course and other active initiatives
Day 2: Rock climbing, campfire after dinner, discussion of transference of learnings back to home and work
Day 3: Backcountry expedition hike, group prep for peak climb
Day 4: Peak attempt, solo reflection time
Day 5: Return to basecamp for final celebration and debrief

7 Day River Program

Day 1: Introductions, icebreakers, basic camp craft
Day 2: Safety briefing, gear packing, river boat launch
Day 3-6: Activities (rafting, side-hikes) and challenges (navigation, campcraft) focused on building team strength with debriefs to ensure learnings are transferable
Day 7: Arrival at take-out, closing ceremony, discussion of transference of experience to work and home

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