• Elsa T
    RMP Logistics Manager
    "We all need challenge with support. It’s what helps us, in turn, support the people and communities we care about."
  • Elsa has worked at Colorado Outward Bound for 7 years. She began as an intern, spent a few years in the field as an instructor then moved out of the field to be the first Warehouse Manager. Now she is the Logistics Manager Her favorite courses are alpine backpacking and mountaineering in the San Juan Mountains. The peaks in the southwest are where she gets closest to her spirit and where the valleys provide access to our deepest mysteries; the reds of the rocks, the history of the people, and the cleansing rain of the San Juans have no comparison.

    She has traded out her alpine office for one in the heart of the Leadville basecamp warehouse, and has traded her students for the interns and logistics coordinators who run the logistics of the Rocky Mountain Program. She has had her WFR for 9 years and is a logistics trainer for all trainings in Leadville. Elsa doesn’t have an off season as she runs logistics for our year-round programming. When she isn’t working for COBS she is working on being a mother to her son Robin and another baby on the way, and wife to her husband Cisco.

    “Look, here’s what I know: I had a great pregnancy and labor. In the throes of intensity and contractions I found strength in the challenges I have been through. While I had never delivered a child, I had delivered myself through hardship before and those experiences were my wellspring of power, strength, and compassion. I chose the right people to be with me, I made educated decisions, and our son began his life not in trauma but strength and gentleness. Whether our son becomes a mountaineer or a politician or a stay at home dad he will be faced with challenges. I intend to make sure he has challenges throughout his childhood and has mentors to facilitate his growth so that he knows what he is capable of. The wilderness can provide that. Colorado Outward Bound School can provide that. We all need challenge with support. It’s what helps us, in turn, support the people and communities we care about.”