• Nick V (Vince)
    Lead Instructor
    "Vince’s desire to share what the mountains have to offer is what brought him to Outward Bound."
  • This is Vince’s 4th summer at COBS. He started as an intern in 2011, was a Logistics Coordinator that fall and has been an Assistant Instructor and Lead Instructor since. Vince works mostly 22-Day mountain courses in the summer and ski/ride courses in the winter. He has worked numerous course types including Veterans, Adult, Heroic Journey, Youth Ventures, and Pathfinder.

    Vince has the following certifications/trainings: Wilderness First Responder, Level 2 AIARE Avalanche, Outward Bound Ecuador Training December 2013.

    In the off season Vince resides in the Vail Valley where he can be found schralping the slopes of Vail Mountain and the surrounding backcountry or chasing snow storms up and down the Rocky Mountains. To support this healthy addiction, he tends bar at fancy resorts which forces him to shave, shower, and do his hair. He also does some part time ski guiding for a local company.

    Vince comes from the great state of Michigan, the one that looks like a glove. After graduating from Central Michigan University, he worked for Toyota as a Logistics/Operations Coordinator in Kentucky. Don’t be alarmed, he didn’t stay long. After two years of keyboards and paperclips, Vince escaped the white knuckle grip of the office and travelled to Colorado. Shortly after arriving he moved to the Vail Valley and began experiencing what the mountain life has to offer: simplicity, skiing, climbing, friendship, challenge, beauty, and fulfillment. Vince’s desire to share what the mountains have to offer is what brought him to Outward Bound. Come join him on the trail. He can’t promise that you will find the same things he did in these hills, but if you like hip hop and have an open mind, Vince will sing “All of the Lights” while you discover how much is really in you.

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