2016 Outcomes Report

2016 Outcomes Report

Hearing all the stories from the trail is one of our favorite things. While we relish the individual stories we hear after course, we also pay attention to the bigger story of what happens on course. We ask all our students to complete an evaluation before and after course to get a big picture view of what’s happening out there on the summits and in the canyons. Students reflect on themselves: their strengths in character, leadership, and service.

We are thrilled to learn from our 2016 Outcomes Report that students reported growth in all areas measured. Students particularly reported feeling an increase in their self-confidence, self-awareness, and responsibility for the environment.

These reports inform where our strengths are, but also identify areas to focus on. Much like the themes of Shakespeare’s plays, the core takeaways of a COBS course are timeless. As our world changes, we strive to continuously tweak the “language” of our courses to deliver those themes in a way that is relevant to our current students. We do this by looking at how these outcomes trend over time, and then adapting aspects of our program – whether they be skills we hire for, staff trainings, equipment updates, itinerary planning, or how we facilitate discussions.

In delivering our mission to change lives through challenge and discovery, we know that listening is often more important than speaking. And we’re thankful to all our students who contribute to our culture of feedback and, ultimately, inform our ability to deliver more meaningful course experiences.

2016 Percentage of Students Reporting Growth