A New Home for the Southwest Program

A New Home for the Southwest Program

–March 24, 2015

For years, the Southwest Program of COBS has been operating out of a rented warehouse in Moab, Utah. Staff housing has likewise been dispersed amongst rental properties in town. While this has been a great solution for years while the SWP grows, we have now reached the point where we are bursting at the seams.

In February this year, COBS closed on a five acre property just south of Moab. This new property will ensure a secure future for the program. A brand new warehouse and office, custom designed to meet our unique needs, are underway. Logistics and course prep will be much more efficient and enjoyable with large, shaded outdoor areas for derigging and cleaning equipment. Storage for large or  awkward items such as rafts will be laid out in a way that makes sense and food prep will have one dedicated area. Down the road, staff housing will also be built on site, encouraging an even stronger sense of community amongst staff.

Over the past few months, concrete has been poured for the foundation and the steel frame has gone up. In the past few weeks, exterior walls and roof have been added. Bob and his crew are now starting on the interior; so far, they’ve framed walls for the offices, food area and prep space, and the project is coming along at a good pace.

It’s definitely shaping up to be a flagship facility and, while the move-in date is TBD, it’ll soon feel like home. Stay tuned for our open house later this year!

Thanks to Bob for all the hard work, and for the photos and updates!