Challenge and Adventure

Challenge and Adventure

February 1, 2014–

The mission of the Colorado Outward Bound School is to change lives through challenge and discovery, and much of this task is carried out on the shoulders of our instructors. COBS staff are student-focused on course, and it is through venturing farther afield that they truly practice what they teach.

Adam Fisher, Austin Gibney and Ty Guarino are packing their bags for Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park to do just that.

For approximately two weeks in April 2014, Adam, Austin and Ty, who are proven expedition climbers and riders, will attempt to climb new routes and ski new lines in these iconic Alaskan mountains. They will be documenting their expedition through photos and a short film in an effort to share their entire journey – beyond the trip itself.

This trip, and especially the film we’re making, is our small way of trying to improve the reputation of COBS as an industry leader. We want students, parents, and the larger outdoor industry, as well as potential, current, and former instructors, to see the caliber of people we have working at COBS. I’m talking about a high level of technical competency as well as character and commitment to the Outward Bound mission. Moreover, we want to inspire current and potential staff to take the kind of big trips that really do push you to that next level of competency and understanding in the outdoors. Another main theme of the whole project is that we’re promoting awareness of the staff development fund, and hopefully will be donating a significant sum of money back to it by the time we’re through – helping other staff go on the type of trip I’ve been talking about. – Adam Fisher


The team will be flying in to Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains for two weeks in April of 2014. They’ll be climbing new technical routes and skiing new lines back down. They will also be making a film about the trip to be used for COBS marketing and staff recruitment. The film will focus on skiing, climbing, and what Outward Bound means to them.


Experienced photographers and filmmakers, the crew will document their expedition from start to finish. For sponsors, this means product placement, field-testing opportunities, and partnership possibilities with the Colorado Outward Bound School. For the audience, it means an in-depth look at what makes Colorado Outward Bound School instructors among the best in the industry. The film will be used as a marketing and staffing tool for COBS, and will also be shown in a public venue. Contact COBS marketing director, AJ Lindelow ( for information on how you can support and get involved and check out the expedition website here.


photo by Adam Fisher