COBS Professional: Leadership Transformed

COBS Professional: Leadership Transformed

March 1, 2014–

We love integrating Outward Bound curriculum with an organization’s mission, vision, and values to develop teamwork, cohesion and leadership among participants. We can tell you all about how we do it but in this post, our clients have the floor. Read on!

“For nearly 20 years, Outward Bound Professional has been a core component of the El Pomar Fellowship program’s leadership development curriculum. A highly competitive two-year program designed for recent college graduates, the Fellowship explicitly seeks to develop the leadership and professional skills of the next generation of leaders. The annual Outward Bound course serves as the capstone of an intensive three-week orientation and team building process focused on integrating new Fellows to the El Pomar team. Spending a week in the backcountry together expedites the team building process, as the concepts of goal setting, creating a shared vision, encouragement, conflict management, communication, trust, and vulnerability are all introduced and addressed in a safe environment. It is an incredibly rewarding experience that never fails to provide valuable personal insights and growth, while strengthening the rapport among co-workers.

Instrumental to our long standing relationship with COBS is the collaborative approach the staff takes in designing and implementing each year’s course. As a client, I appreciate how the staff brings numerous options to the table and is able to relate each to our overall objective. In the field, the staff’s focus on flexibility and safety ensures that we optimize the experience based on the skill and comfort level of Fellows.”

Gary Butterworth

Senior Vice President, El Pomar Foundation and 15-time Outward Bounder


“After experiencing COBS with my Leadership Denver class, I knew I would be back soon with my work crew. I wanted my team to have the same opportunity to cooperatively work together in a new dynamic setting, with each team member facing challenges outside their normal comfort zone.

The COBS staff customized the program to our needs and skill levels, and our day at the beautiful Leadville campus was incredible. The experience was transformative, creating cross-departmental bonds and connections that positively impact our daily business operations.

Perhaps most importantly, COBS provided an opportunity for the company to invest in “growing” each team member; adding value by creating loyalty, team cohesion and staff retention.”

Remy Spreeuw

Editor, 5280 Magazine


“BCG Chicago is a long-time client of COBS. We have been sending our summer consultant interns to Leadville for many years for a mini-retreat at the beginning of their internship. The group participates in activities that focus on team-building and leadership but are also fun (white water rafting and ropes courses), and they also really bond as a group while having a great time! It’s tremendous what spending just 2 days with the outstanding COBS staff accomplishes. They do a great job of personalizing the program to fit our goals, even incorporating our BCG company values into the activities and discussions. Our interns get to know each other very well very quickly and truly build a sense of team that carries through for the rest of their internship. Year after year, the group returns with rave reviews about the experience. We plan to continue to use them for many years to come!”

Boston Consulting Group, Chicago


“As our company and our need for effective leadership grows, Vail Resorts partnership with Outward Bound Professional has been critical. Working with OBP has allowed our High Performance Leadership Programs to take on a whole new level of challenge and insight. Their facilitators are top notch and the setting at the Leadville Mountain Center couldn’t be more perfect, nestled in below the highest peaks in Colorado. If you are looking for “out of the box” leadership development for you and your team, I highly recommend Outward Bound Professional.”

Luis Benitez

Senior Manager of Talent Management, Vail Resorts


And we can’t resist sharing this awesome account from our partners at Camp Sunshine.

“From July 14-20, eight teen campers and two adult supervisors experienced the adventure of a lifetime at the Colorado Outward Bound School. They camped, climbed, hiked and accomplished physical feats they didn’t believe they could. More importantly, they grew — in self-confidence, respect for one another and inner strength. Camp Sunshine is grateful to our many friends who support this annual outdoor adventure program and to the fine instructors of the Colorado Outward Bound School.”

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