Colorado Mountains: Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Colorado Mountains: Summer Professional Development for Teachers

April 21, 2014—

We know teachers work hard all winter to educate, inspire, and guide their students. We value education for life. This is the premise for our Teacher Practicum Course, an inspiring 8-day backpacking course designed to help teachers explore experiential education models, learn teaching strategies from their peers, and to reinvigorate their classroom teaching strategies – all while discovering and renewing their sense of self, too, because let’s face it, teachers deserve a little outdoor adventure.

This is an opportunity for career development, networking and idea-sharing. And it’s also an opportunity to experience the values and methodologies of an Outward Bound course, which challenge participants to discover that there is more in them than they know. Step out of your classroom, and into ours: the wilderness of the Rockies.

Years ago, we offered this course in an effort to spearhead discussions around the concept of “experiential education.” This term – while understood differently throughout the education community – has become common vernacular. So we’ve decided to bring this course back with a new itinerary to build upon the foundational aspects of experiential education.

Successful completion of your course will demand tenacity, leadership and compassion. You’ll leave with a newfound strength that can help you through everyday situations, and tools to continue your own education for life. Read more about the course and enroll here.