Missy Gosney Takes On Nolan’s 14

Missy Gosney Takes On Nolan’s 14

August 14, 2015–

For folks who only run when chased, Nolan’s 14 is a mystery. For athletes like Missy Gosney, it’s a goal — one that she plans to tackle starting this Sunday, August 16. Missy will have 60 hours to complete roughly 100 miles of trail, covering — get this — fourteen 14ers. And, if successful, Missy will be the first woman to complete it.

Believing in girl power, Missy also aims to raise awareness for the Gruffie Scholarship, and to inspire girls to get out there and get gritty. Here’s her story:

I was an OB student in 1987. I wrote a letter to my self during solo. That solo letter describes my love for the outdoors, adventures, and expeditions. I predicted I would be studying outdoor education and outdoor sciences. I received the letter two years after my course. I was in Boston studying economics – nothing like I predicted. Within one month of receiving my solo letter – I dropped out of college and headed west. I have been in Colorado since.

In 1989, I attended New Staff training with the Colorado Outward Bound School. Gruffie Clough was one of the new staff trainers. She embodies what it means to be outward board. Everyday!

I’m inspired by the Nolan’s line because its roots are in the Colorado Outward Bound School. Every year I worked for Outward Bound, I was in this area: Summer Collegiate Courses, Winter Semester Courses, and Professional Development Courses. Nolan’s is an adventure that combines mountaineering and endurance skills. I completed 12 of the 14 peaks the summer of 2014.

When I heard of a scholarship named The Gruffie that helps girls attend COBS I decided that my Nolan’s effort could be used to raise funds for the scholarship. To this date, no female has completed Nolan’s 14 as an ultra distance endurance run. It would be terrific to be the first female to complete Nolan’s and use this effort to raise funds for females to attend COBS.

I worked for the school for 15 years instructing, logistics coordinating, course directing, and program coordinating. Gruffie’s leadership infused my years at the school and continues to radiate into my daily life. Today I call her a friend and I am still inspired by what she does for Outward Bound and how she infuses going outward bound into her life.
Some people support their causes through donations, volunteering their time, or through doing something amazing like running Nolan’s 14. Missy is supporting the Gruffie Scholarship for girls and women and here’s how you can, too. Click here and choose the Gruffie Scholarship Fund. Let us know you’re supporting Missy by making a note in the comment section!

Go, Missy, GO!