Thank you, Boulder!

Thank you, Boulder!

September 30, 2014–

table - viewLast weekend COBS joined a new group of supporters and friends in Boulder for wine pairings, inspirational presentations and fundraising for scholarships. This evening was possible thanks to the generosity of Aron Ralston, our adventurer and guest speaker for the evening, Colin Kirby, chef extraordinaire, Matthew Mather, sommelier, and Scott Holton, COBS board member.


Attendees heard from Ralston about his career as an outdoor enthusiast and his time in the canyons of Utah. He reminded us of life’s boulders, and the choice we all have to persevere — and to make our lessons more valuable by sharing in service to others.



Gabriel Krush, a COBS semester alum and scholarship student from 2013, joined us to talk about his experience on our Rockies to Ecuador International Leadership Semester, his adventures since, and the value of his time spent with COBS.


Our Executive Director, Peter O’Neil challenged the group to show their support for future students like Gabriel and we were overwhelmed by the response. We exceeded our goal for the evening, raising $21,000 for our scholarship fund!

ice axe - ralston


We are so grateful to call Colorado home and to connect with such an incredible and enthusiastic group of supporters. Ice Axes flew off the mantle that night in support of COBS as we welcomed fifteen new members to the Ice Axe Club. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting our students!