The Climb Toward Resolution on Mt. Everest

The Climb Toward Resolution on Mt. Everest

April 28, 2014–

On April 18, 2014, tragedy struck on Mt. Everest. 16 Sherpas were killed in the single deadliest accident in the history of the mountain, and the incident has sent shockwaves through the Sherpas, the climbing community and the world. The aftermath continues to unfold as this once isolated Himalayan tribe, known for their elite mountaineering skills, grapples with how to move forward.

benitez - 3Many of us at the Colorado Outward Bound School have worked closely and developed friendships with the Sherpas but perhaps none have deeper-rooted relationships than world-class mountaineer and COBS board member, Luis Benitez. Having summited Mt. Everest six times himself, Benitez is the first to say that the Sherpas were not only critical to the successes of his expeditions, but they were also a vital part of learning to be a better human.


benitez - 1And throughout his career, Benitez has done more than rely on the Sherpas. He has climbed next to them, built friendships with them and, in the wake of tragedy, he is stepping up to support them. We are hosting a presentation on Wednesday, May 7 at Shine Gathering and Event Space, where the broader community can hear more from Benitez. To set the tone, here’s some recommended reading: Benitez recently wrote this compelling piece for Outside Magazine, giving some background to the issues that are surfacing around the world’s tallest peak. We hope you’ll join us on May 7 in a show of support, and to learn more.

The presentation will begin at 6 p.m. Wear your Outward Bound pin and get a free beer or door prize. (This event is open to guests 18+.) Appetizers and drinks generously sponsored by Element Properties for this community gathering. Please RSVP to Darcy Struckhoff at


Photos courtesy of Luis Benitez