Ice Axe Club

What is the Ice Axe Club?

Colorado Outward Bound School’s Ice Axe Club was started in 1975 by founding trustees William Coors, Charles Gates, Ruth Brown and Charles Froelicher. The Ice Axe Club recognizes individual donors who understand and support COBS as a reflection of their personal values and, in many cases, their personal experience.

This exclusive club offers a home for individuals who care about the mission of Outward Bound. Membership is open to individuals who donate $5,000 or more in unrestricted annual support to the school.

The Colorado Outward Bound School is reviving the Ice Axe Club to bring together the community of strong supporters our founders represented. Offering gatherings at basecamps and nearer to our homes, the Ice Axe Club celebrates and thanks this group of extraordinary individuals who support Outward Bound with ongoing, significant, annual, unrestricted donations.

What are the benefits of membership?

All Ice Axe Club members are honored with the following benefits and opportunities:

  • COBS branded Ice Axe
  • Invitation to a family-friendly overnight once per year at COBS’s Leadville basecamp
  • Invitation to Ice Axe Club social gatherings in the Front Range and other locations
  • Access to COBS’s Leadville basecamp for camping, fishing, and hiking, subject to program team approval
  • Exclusive insider e-newsletters from the COBS leadership

In addition to the above benefits, all $10,000 level members receive:

  • An invitation to the annual donor invitational trip 

How do I become an Ice Axe Club member?

You can become an Ice Axe Club member by pledging $5,000 or more in unrestricted gifts to COBS.

Gifts toward the Ice Axe Club are cumulative; over the course of the calendar year, unrestricted gifts that are not tied to event sponsorships will count toward membership.

The Ice Axe Club is designed for individual donors. Gifts received directly from individuals, through donor-advised funds, or through foundations that are funded by or controlled by the donors (i.e. family foundations) are all welcome.

Become an Ice Axe Club member today!

Become a Member

To find out more about the Ice Axe Club, contact COBS's development team at [email protected].

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