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Transformative teambuilding experiences. Cultivating resilient and compassionate leaders.

For over 50 years, Colorado Outward Bound School has been partnering with schools and businesses to help teams build skills for success. Through adventure in the outdoors, students learn social and emotional skills for life like teamwork, self-awareness, and social responsibility. 
Learn to thrive as a team on our high ropes course, while rafting, or somewhere else in the great outdoors! Join us at our base camps in Colorado and Utah, or we'll bring our team to you. To plan your adventure, contact our Client Relations Manager Rebekah Broder at [email protected].


We've combined our 60 years of experience in outdoor education with the latest research on social-emotional development to create our educational framework. Through challenge and discovery, our students develop skills that will last a lifetime. 
  • The Courage Workshop. Students will develop the courage to persevere in the face of challenges and work together to achieve common goals. They will return home with skills in assertiveness and compassion.
  • The Belonging Workshop. Students will discover their shared values and learn the power of an inclusive and caring community. They will return home eager to grow closer and support one another.
  • The Physical Engagement Workshop. Students will learn about experiencing and expressing oneself their the body. They will return home with more motivation for physical activity and tools to express their emotions.
  • The Reflection Workshop. Students will gain skills in examining and questioning their actions, relationships and values. Students will return home with the ability to see their connection and responsibility to their communities. 



A Story from a Group Program Partner

"I believe that Outward Bound has served as an awakening in the minds and hearts of my students. Many of the students who spent their weekend at the Leadville base camp had never left their neighborhood in West Denver. Spending a weekend in the mountains was a foreign concept. Hiking, orienteering, and completing a high ropes course was an unthinkable task. Upon their return, it was clear that, for many students, a love of the outdoors had awakened. 

The lessons of teamwork and relentlessness that the students learned while on course has transferred to their performance in the classroom. In my geometry class, sophomores are often required to work as a team. Last week, teams were required to complete a challenging proof. After failing several times, several members were ready to give up.  One student stepped up. He told his team that this was like Outward Bound, that even though they had failed several times, they could not give up, and that they could find the solution if they worked together. They solved the proof five minutes later. 

This is one example among many that demonstrates the impact that Outward Bound is having on the students of STRIVE. Many students have come to me expressing interest in learning how to rock climb or how to snowboard.  They are ready to go back to Leadville next summer and climb Mt. Massive.  They are collaborating in the classroom, and persevering through a rigorous course load.  The students of STRIVE are doing just that – striving for something more, and they are refusing to yield."

Michael D. Carey, Geometry Teacher, STRIVE Prep 


The annual COBS course serves as the capstone of an intensive three-week orientation and team building process focused on integrating new Fellows to the El Pomar team. Spending a week in the backcountry together expedites the team building process, as the concepts of goal setting, creating a shared vision, encouragement, communication, trust, and vulnerability are all introduced and addressed in a safe environment. It is an incredibly rewarding experience that never fails to provide valuable personal insights and growth, while strengthening the rapport among co-workers.

~ El Pomar Foundation
Rafting or Canyon Backpacking | Moab. Utah
High Ropes Course | Leadville, Colorado
Teambuilding Activities | Utah & Colorado
Low Ropes Course| Leadville, Colorado
Hiking and Backpacking | Utah & Colorado
Camping | Leadville, Colorado


We're here to help you plan your group's adventure!

Did you know that we also offer programs for professionals and facility rentals at our Leadville Mountain Campus? Inquire about availability using the form below. You can also contact our Client Relations Manager Rebekah Broder at [email protected].

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