About Scholarships at COBS
From its very first course, C-1, in Marble, Colorado in June 1962, the Colorado Outward Bound School has been committed to the following principle: Every person should be given the opportunity to experience adventure and challenge, develop character and compassion, and learn social and environmental responsibility, regardless of financial ability.

In 1962, it was Trustees who wrote personal checks to ensure that young people could attend a COBS course. Today, we are grateful to the individuals, alumni, parents, instructors, foundations, and corporations who make scholarships possible for our students.

The scholarship program has two arms: the ASCEND program, which provides full scholarships for high need students and typically works with schools and others strong programmatic partners to help students be successful before, during, and after course; and our Student Opportunity Fund, which helps students and their families through partial scholarship assistance.

The population of scholarship students ranges from students who qualify for free and reduced lunch (85% of ASCEND students) to students from middle and lower class homes, who seek the opportunity for leadership, but whose families cannot afford the full tuition for a course. Nearly all of our scholarship funding serves youth age 22 and under on longer wilderness leadership courses.

For scholarship inquiries, about the student opportunity fund or any of the named scholarships below, please contact the COBS Student Services Department at 720-381-6589. To learn more about our scholarship process for students and their families, please click here.

The Sean Forrey Memorial Scholarship, honoring a life of compassion and service. For students from Colorado, especially those from challenging situations.

The Gruffie Scholarship for Young Women, to support young  women ages 16 – 25 in their pursuit of character development and self-discovery. These recipients participate in an informal mentoring relationship with Gruffie or other female Outward Bound alumni or staff prior to and after her course.

To read about our past Gruffie Scholars, read on here!

The Tim Garrison Memorial Scholarship, for young men from the Denver area on a Colorado course.

The Victoria Thurber O’Reilly Memorial Scholarship, honoring a life that epitomized the three elements of the Outward Bound motto, “To serve, to strive and not to yield.” For students in need, to inspire them to greater heights.